Website tab exploration for Novembre magazine

Created with the intention to work off
the visual language associated with double
page spreads in magazines. The first tab
is an “x” for their collaboration section where
they work with companies or artist and make
write ups about them. The second tab down
from the top is focused on their link for their
most recent magazine issue. The third is issues
from the past, more like an archive of the magazines.
Finally I explored the news tab. I was curious
in how to visualize a page turner or exciting news
for this tab. 
The motif throughout the icons is exploring double page 
spreads and emphasizing the duality of pages. The black 
and white backgrounds symbolize pages and the visual 
of opening a magazine. Since this is for their online site I 
wanted to come back to the print issue and work with 
combining both methods of reading the issues. 

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